Purple Fabric

Designed for Subject Matter Experts to Securely Build,
Deploy, and Manage AI Agents at Scale

The Enterprise Grade AI Platform designed and democratized for subject matter experts, enables you to quickly build and deploy end-to-end AI solutions, without the requirement of technical expertise or coding knowledge

Aspiring to transform an enterprise, requires a compelling leverage point to build synergies of

Data Reuse

Data Reuse

Shared Change Management efforts

Shared Change Management efforts

Tech Stack Reuse

Tech Stack Reuse

Purple Fabric Leverages the best of Thinking & Doing Brain
to deliver Customer Desirability

By integrating diverse Knowledge banks and deploying AI expert agents the platform unleashes enterprise connected intelligence. It empowers subject matter experts to create and manage AI-driven solutions with low-code tools, optimizing performance and integration with existing flows.

The platforms robustness is further enhanced by IntellectAI s eMACH.ai framework, which features a sophisticated blend of events, Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless architecture, all driven by Artificial Intelligence. This ensures that the architecture remains future-proof, adaptable to new technologies and business needs as they arise.

Purple Fabric Leverages
Purple Fabric Leverages Purple Fabric Leverages

Bringing new meaning to "Enterprise Connected Intelligence"

True AI



Building a trusted knowledge base from siloed fragmented and inconsistent information

Trusted & Traceable Data

Trusted & Traceable Data

Multi LLM model intelligence with references, citation, lineage & trace

True Outcomes

User Studios

User Studios

Build your own single or multi agent conversational and automation AI Agents

Advanced RAG

Advanced RAG

Comprehensive intelligence from enterprise-owned or approved sources

True Scale

Optimized AI

Optimized AI

Cost, accuracy, performance, model and provider agnostic for ultimate flexibility

Everything is an API

Everything is an API

Plug and play with your existing stack through API

True Security

Native Enterprise Governance

Native Enterprise Governance

Built in DevOps, MLOps, LLMOps

Data security for AI

Data security for AI

Virtual private cloud, Private LLMs, PII masking, Masking, defense, toxicity detection and more

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Reference Use Cases

Swiftly create and implement AI-driven solutions through a self-service approach, significantly reducing costs and time investment while fostering innovation.

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Business Assurance

Trust and Compliance through a Multi-Agent approach

35x Productivity

Near-real time assurance

Greatly enhanced

Customer satisfaction and retention


100% Coverage

Of assurance on advice given

Business Assurance

ESG Edge

Fostering a new era of non-financial intelligence by turning generative AI into a catalyst for unprecedented access to market data

>90% Accuracy

Across all records

>1000x Faster

Than ESG analysts across portfolios


100% Coverage

On all records across all portfolio companies

ESG Edge


Delivering unparalleled efficiency and control for AI-powered Accounts Payable processing

98% Reduction

In duplication and discrepancies in invoices


Across AP functions by checking 100% of invoices


↓ Effort | ↑ Efficiency

With data validation



Enhancing Compliance and Customer Care through a multi-agent Complaint Resolution System

80% Reduction

In average case handling times

50% Reduction

In cost per case resolution

At least

20% Reduction

In future complaints through proactive use of forensics


One platform, many expert agents

Create your own expert agents or an ecosystem of multi expert agents


  • Customer Onboarding Agent
  • Product Advisor
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention Agent
  • Customer Service Agent


  • RM Agent
  • Onboarding Agent
  • Servicing Agent
  • Underwriter Assistant (KIRI)
  • Collector's Assistant
  • Back Office Assistant
  • Portfolio Analysts


  • Opportunity Summary
  • Risk Assesment
  • Underwriting Guideline Assistant
  • AI Search
  • Insurance Document Identifier Agent
  • Insurance Data Extractor Agent
  • Loss Runs Extractor
  • Loss Runs Summarization Agent
  • SoV Extraction and Summarization
  • UW Recommendation Agent
  • Insurance Claim Handler Agent
  • Insurance Fraud Identifier Agent
  • Sanctions Verifier (OFAC)
  • Claim Routing Agent
  • Submission Routing Agent
  • Insurance Data Triangulation Agent
  • Data Enrichment Agent
  • Insurance Submission Link Agent
  • Risk - Appetite Match
  • Underwriters Assistant Co-Pilot


  • Show me you know me
  • Advice Agent
  • Business Assurance
  • Complaints Handler
  • Compliance & Reporting
  • Tax Optimization Agent
  • Client Onboarding and Profiling Agent
  • Regulatory Compliance Advisor
  • Investment Research and Analysis Agent
  • Sherlock
  • Automated Customer Support Agent
  • Portfolio Risk Assessment
  • Behavioral Finance Advisor
  • Client Engagement & Attention Agent
  • Financial Education and Literacy Agent
  • ESG Edge: Insights Copilot (Conversational)
  • ESG Edge: Advanced Data Analyst (Automation)


  • Market Sanity Agent
  • Incident Inspector
  • Anomaly Detector
  • Procurement Planner
  • Supplier (Due Diligence) Assessment Agent

Trade & SCF

  • Classification Agent
  • Extraction Agent
  • Mapping Agent
  • Sanctions check Agent
  • Compliance Agent
  • profiling and Credit assessment
  • ESG check
  • LC/SBLC document scrutiny Agent
  • Workability Check Agent
  • Invoice verification
  • Customer service agent
  • Operations manager agent
  • Relationship manager agent
  • Address Conversion Agent
  • Enhance supplier/dealer participation in SCF

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Awards and Accolades

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Awards 2024

Winner: Innovative Use of Artificial Intelligence


Thought Leadership: IntellectAI's thought leadership Guids Celent's Survey on The New Wealth Management Paradigm: From Apps to Agents


Winner: Won the Best Use of New Technologies for its exceptional implementation of advanced technologies at one of the UK’s largest wealth managers

Awards 2023

Winner: Best Artificial Intelligent (AI) Application Category


Ranked: Contender in Overall Surveillance Solution & Datos Insights Matrix: Trade and Market Surveillance, 2024


Featured: Leading Wealth Management vendors in Forrester s Report on The Digital Wealth Management Platforms Landscape, Q4 2023

FS tech awards

Winner: Best Financial Services IT Team

Wealth briefing Asia 2023

Winner: Best Wealth AI Application (Pan Asia)

UK IT Industry awards

Winner: Best Financial Services Project of the Year

Insurance luminaries

IntellectAI selected for the 2023 PropertyCasualty360 Insurance Luminaries Awards Class of 2023 in the Technology Innovation category

Fintech global

IntellectAI named as one of Fintech Global’s Insurtech100 - recognizing the world's most innovative insurtech companies

Upcoming Events

Meet us at IA Week!

As first-time sponsors of SSON’s IA Week, we would love to meet with you and showcase Purple Fabric - a GenAI powered enterprise grade platform, where subject matter experts can quickly build and deploy an AI expert agent or an ecosystem of AI expert agents, without the requirement of technical expertise or coding knowledge.

Meet with our solution team at booth #101 to talk about leveraging advanced technologies and tools to improve business outcomes rapidly and drive enterprise-wide transformation.

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  • Laila Beane

    Laila Beane

    Chief Marketing

  • Raman Jatkar

    Raman Jatkar

    Platform Head
    Purple Fabric

  • Farhan Khan

    Farhan Khan

    VP, Business

  • Aditya Rajashekaran

    Aditya Rajashekaran

    Platform Marketing Lead
    Purple Fabric

About Us

  • Insurance and Wealth

    IntellectAI is a suite of contemporary artificial intelligence products and data insights triangulated from thousands of sources to take a strategic approach to tackling the biggest challenges for the industry. Our transformation accelerators seamlessly augment your business to drive efficiencies for scale quickly.

  • Corporate Banking

    iGTB creates financial technologies that help banks lead businesses onto the path of growth and success.

  • Consumer Banking

    iGCB provides a comprehensive solution for banking and capital markets, covering retail and centrol banking solutions and treasury and capitol markets With its all-in-one Contextual Banking suite, iGCB meets the demands of retail banking, corporate banking and capital markets.

  • Digital Technology for Commerce

    iDTC offers open API-led products for procurement, payments and retail solutions to redefine the landscape of government, corporate and retail operations in the digital age.

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